Recipe Contest!

Check out the WINNING RECIPES here!

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who took the time to send in your recipes! AND THE WINNERS ARE...

  • Category 1: Breakfast

    Orange Cappuccino Sweet Rolls

    Winner: Michelle Anderson, Idaho

  • Category 2: Snacks

    Coconut Coffee Confections

    Winner: Roxanne Chan, California

  • Category 3: Savory

    Cowboy Coffee Steaks

    Winner: Kelly Hunter, Texas

  • Category 4: Drinks

    Santa's Cocoa-Mocha Jingle Java

    Winner: Jay Davis, Tennessee

  • Category 5: Dessert

    Chocolate Espresso Spice Cake with Grand Marnier Whipped Cream

    Winner: Kerri Pelz, North Carolina

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As you may imagine, this first recipe contest was very difficult to narrow down to just five winning recipes. There was lots of discussion (and a little dispute, naturally!) followed by recipe testing. After the ovens cooled down, the panel of ten judges wanted to give mention to the following people who came in oh so close...

In each category sends a rousing BRAVO and THANKS for the great recipes to:

  • Category 1: Breakfast

    Special mention goes to Al Barnhart, from Hawaii, for his "Cream Cheese Filled Mocha Muffins."

  • Category 2: Snacks

    Jessie (state info not provided) sent in "Coffee Cupcakes with Chocolate Coffee Ganache" which closely tied with "Chocolate Coffee Surprise Cupcakes" that Paula Machesi, from Pennsylvania, submitted.

  • Category 3: Savory

    Mary Ann Lee, from New York, shared her "Java Jerk Chicken" with us. Yum!

  • Category 4: Drinks

    Lillian Julow of Florida, offered her recipe for "A Great Cup of Mocha" and it is!

  • Category 5: Dessert

    This was the most difficult of the categories because it attracted the most entries (2/3 of all of the recipes were desserts). And Honorable Mention goes to Lillian Julow (AGAIN!) for her incredible "Espresso Cr�me Brulee." Thank you Lillian! (We'd also like to mention Roxanne Chan for her unusual "Creamy Coffee Maple Mousse Crepes"...)

The Original Contest Description:

Send in an ORIGINAL recipe that INCLUDES coffee (as an ingredient—either liquid, ground or instant) for a chance to win one of FIVE fabulous coffee gift baskets worth over $100 each! Winning recipes must successfully incorporate coffee to enrich and add interest to the final result. (Read “Cooking with Coffee” for more info and hints.)

Here are the five categories…

  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Breakfast Stuff…)
  2. Snacks and Sweets (Munchies and Small Goodies…)
  3. Savory Selections (Main Courses…)
  4. Coffee Cocktails (And Other Beverages…)
  5. Delectable Conclusions (Desserts Rule!)